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Premium Bowhead Flag


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Premium Bowhead Flag - Product Information:



Printable Size of Bow Banner
(Visual Size)

Size / Height of Flag with stand


632 (W) x 2004 (H) mm

650 (W) x 2500 (H) mm


630 (W) x 2996 (H) mm

660 (W) x 3500 (H) mm


770 (W) x 4200 (H) mm

800 (W) x 4900 (H) mm

  • ‧ Suitable for: Exhibition, promotion, open day, booth, competition, market, group activity(raise the flag as a command or a signal)
  • ‧ Available in a range of sizes and base for different occasions
  • ‧ Single-sided printing: a mirrored image on the other side, 85-95% bleed through
  • ‧ Ideal for maximizing the impact of your brand image and promotion message
  • ‧ Allow the flags to move easily with the wind and create a great visual effects
  • ‧ All bases are engineered specifically to be free rotating to not rip up in the wind
  • ‧ Not to be tear or destroyed by the wind easily
  • ‧ Package included: Print(single-sided printing) + pole + carry bag
  • ‧ Choice of the base (sold separately)

Artwork Specifications


Artwork Specifications


Dowload template

Product Size/Model Download
Bowhead Flag Small-Single
Bowhead Flag Small-Double
Bowhead Flag Medium-Single
Bowhead Flag Medium-Double
Bowhead Flag Large-Single
Bowhead Flag Large-Double

Please feel free to contact us 03-9282 0888 if you have any questions..

Installation Guide

Bowhead Flag: