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Getting Started Water Drop Flag-Product Introduction:


The visible image size of the banner (see light position)

Total size of flag and flagpole bracket


750 (W) x 1663 (H) mm

790 (W) x 2260 (H) mm


860 (W) x 1900 (H) mm

880 (W) x 2590 (H) mm


1070 (W) x 2790 (H) mm

1100 (W) x 3470 (H) mm

Extra Large:

1260 (W) x 3385 (H) mm

1300 (W) x 4450 (H) mm

  • ‧ Applicable to: exhibitions, open days, booths, competitions, fairs and group activities (high-level instructions or marking functions)
  • ‧ Single-sided printing: 85-95% of the ink penetrates, forming a contrasting opposite image on the other side
  • ‧ Two-sided printing: Convenient to promote more than one message at the same time
  • ‧ Highlight your brand image and promotional information
  • ‧ Advertising flags move with the wind, creating a sea of ​​flags effect
  • ‧ Not easily torn or damaged by wind
  • ‧ Set includes: spray painting + flag pole + handbag + entry cross base with water bag

Artwork Specification


Artwork Specification


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Product Size/model Download
Budget TearDrop Flag Small-Single
Budget TearDrop Flag Small-Double
Budget TearDrop Flag Medium-Single
Budget TearDrop Flag Medium-Double
Budget TearDrop Flag Large-Single
Budget TearDrop Flag Large-Double
Budget TearDrop Flag Extra Large-Single
Budget TearDrop Flag Extra Large-Double
If you have any questions, please contact us directly: 03-9282 0888!
If you have any questions, please contact us directly: 03-9282 0888!