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Pennant Satin - Product Information:

  • ‧ Suitable for: Storefront decoration and window display
  • ‧ Medium-weighted, glossy and shiny soft fabric
  • ‧ Shiny and silky feeling of the fabric
  • ‧ Use it with a rod at the top and let it attract attention in your window display or store
  • ‧ Fabric Maximum: Width-140cm; Length-500cm


Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at 03-9282 0888.

  1. Maintenance tips for fabrics banner 
    Fabrics can be laundered through the use of water, prevent colors from fading. Fold it for storage. Use a pressing cloth between the fabric and the iron.

  2. Can fabrics be printed on both sides?
    It can achieve by printing two fabrics and sewing a piece of block out material between them.

Please feel free to contact us 03-9282 0888 if you have any questions.