3mm PVC Desk Dividers (no print)


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3mm PVC Desk Dividers (no print) - Product Information

  • ‧ Suitable for: indoor of virus prevention purposes such as office, schools, hotels, restaurants, used as a partition to block liquid droplets   
  • ‧ The board belongs to PVC co-extruded board, high-density structure
  • ‧ More tough and durable than Foambaord and Ultra-Rigid Paper Foamboard
  • ‧ Net materials & no printing on top
  • ‧ Two sizes available on website: 1200x470mm / 600x470mm
  • ‧ Round cut for 4-corner & looks like more beautiful
  • ‧ Free the stand feet
  • ‧ Waterproof coating, smooth surface and easy to clean
  • ‧ Flame-retardant, drop resistance, moisture-proof, and water desorption