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Mesh Banner - Product Information: 

  • ‧ Suitable for: Both indoor and outdoor use, specially designed for the advertisement which is near to the window, Interior partitions, construction site fence, places which are more exposed to the wind or near the sea
  • ‧ Surface with micro-holes & high transparent
  • ‧ Air/wind can pass through micro-holes, less likely to be damaged by wind
  • ‧ Water and UV Resistant & durable


Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at 03-9282 0888.

FAQs About Mesh Banner

What are the common sizes for mesh banners?

Common sizes for mesh banners range from 2 feet by 4 feet to 8 feet by 20 feet, but custom sizes can also be made.

What is the maximum size you can print for mesh banners?

The maximum size for mesh banners is determined by the width of the mesh material. Typically, the maximum width for mesh banners is around 10 feet.

Can you print custom designs and sizes for mesh banners?

Yes, mesh banners can be printed in custom designs and sizes to meet specific requirements. Bannershop also offers customization services for mesh banners.

Can you print full-color designs on mesh banners?

Yes, full-color designs can be printed on mesh banners using high-quality printing technology.

Can you print mesh banners for outdoor use?

Yes, our mesh banners are specifically designed for outdoor use, as the mesh material allows wind to pass through, making it an excellent option for outdoor events and advertising.

Can you print double-sided mesh banners?

Yes, Bannershop can print double-sided mesh banners to provide maximum visibility from both sides. It is a popular option for outdoor events and advertising.

How is a mesh banner different from other types of banners in terms of durability and wind resistance?

Mesh banners are more durable and wind-resistant than traditional vinyl banners because the mesh material allows wind to pass through. It reduces the risk of damage and tearing in windy conditions.

How do you ensure the colors in mesh banners will come out accurately?

To ensure accurate color reproduction, we use high-quality printing equipment, and techniques. Additionally, color profiles are calibrated to specific printing materials to ensure color accuracy and consistency. Visit our store if you have more questions about Bannershop’s mesh banner, or contact us at 03-92820888 today!

What is the width of bleeding needs to be reserved for Banner?

No bleeding area need to reserve for Banner under normal circumstances.

Is there any charge for additional finishing?

Additional finishing is free but weld rope and weld pocket will be charged. Please place your requirement at the remark field when filling the order form.

What is the different between glossary and matt surface?

Glossary surface looks brighter and sharper. Matte surface can prevent light reflection and material is relatively thicker, suitable for backdrop or photo shoot.

Do you have installation or setup service?

Please contact our customer services hotline at 03-9282 0888 for details.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at 03-9282 0888.