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Brands’ Spokesperson!
BannerSHOP offers a variety of poster printing services, including Laminated PP Poster, Ultra YUPO Poster, and Canvas etc.
Poster just like a spokesperson to represent your product, an eye-catching poster can attract customer come inside.

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  1. Indoor Poster
    Indoor Poster
    • Apply for: advertising promotion indoor and outdoor
    • Cost effective
    • Sharp color
  2. Outdoor Poster
    Outdoor Poster
    • Apply for: Indoor advertising promotion
    • High toughness and durable
    • Curl Resistant and  not easy to tear off
    • Free lamination(Matt or Gloss)
  3. Canvas
    • Apply for: Wall paintings,  Interior decoration, Wedding
    • Water and UV Resistant
    • Tough & thick material
    • Can be print in canvas or mount with wooden frame
  4. Snap Banner Hanger Premium
    Snap Banner Hanger Premium
    • Apply for: Hanging of Poster, Fabric and Vinyl products
    • Sturdy aluminum hanger
    • Moderate-weighted, hanging banner firmly
    • Easy to install, just clips and grips
  5. Poster Tube Holder
    Poster Tube Holder
    • Apply for: Storage for different size of posters
    • Diameter of tube: 10cm
    • Adjustable length
    • Equipped with adjustable carry strap & easy to carry
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