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Welcome to Bannershop! You’ve arrived at one of the leading providers of design and printing services in Malaysia. We’re proud to provide a wide scope of services to accommodate the needs of our customers.

  1. BGreen™ YUPO Poster

    BGreen™ YUPO Poster

    • Price
    • Durable
    • Poster : Such as change of business hours / Notice / Hand Washing Techniques / Hygiene Sense
    • Stronger material & curl resistant on both sides
    • Water and UV Resistant
    • Matt surface, no lamination needed
  2. A Frame Outdoor Banner

    A Frame Outdoor Banner

    • ‧ Available in two sizes for single or double sided display
    • ‧ Attract passing passanger with a larga attractive outdoor banner
    • ‧ A Frame Outdoor Banner build with light-weight aluminium hardware, easy and quick to set-up
    • Contains canvas carrying bag. Easy to travel around with you anyway. 
  3. Magnetic Sheet

    Magnetic Sheet

    • Apply for: Car wrapping, bookmarks, almanac, spelling tools, insurance industry performance board and so on
    • Personalize yours magnetic sheet
    • Placed to iron or steel surface for promotion
    • Applicable to different shape
  4. Roll Up Banner Budget

    Roll Up Banner Budget

    • Price
    • Durable
    • Commonly used:  one-off / short-term promotion only
    • Economic
    • Plastic hardware
    • 4 sizes available
  5. Bunting


    • Apply for: Election, school, shopping mall hanging bunting, promotion bunting, street bunting & etc.
    • Wrinkle-free, tough
    • Durable
  6. Computer die-cut

    Computer die-cut

    • Suitable for: sign, lightbox, window decoration, car wrap advertising
    • Highly durable
    • Customizable sizes and shapes 
  7. Hatchback / Sedan

    Hatchback / Sedan

    Along with vans, trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles, if you use your car for business then why not use it to promote your company? Transform your vehicle into a highly visible 24/7 high impact advertisement.

  8. 4 x 4 Pickup

    4 x 4 Pickup

    4 x 4 pick up wrap has the power to pull your customer out of their everyday advertising overload and into the uniqueness of your brand.

    Vehicle Model: Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max, Mazda BT-50, Mitsubishi Triton, Nissan Navara, Toyota Hilux & etc.


  9. Panel Van

    Panel Van

    Van wraps are incredibly useful in boosting sales and brand recognition, transforming your vehicle(s) into a moving local advertisement. Should you not want the cost of a full wrap, partial graphics for commercial vehicle signage are also very effective!
  10. Small Panel Van

    Small Panel Van

    Van wraps are incredibly useful in boosting sales and brand recognition, transforming your vehicle(s) into a moving local advertisement. Should you not want the cost of a full wrap, partial  graphics for commercial vehicle signage are also very effective!

  11. Container Truck

    Container Truck

    Truck signage is a cost-effective way to be seen. With a one-off investment lasting up to few years, it makes sense to turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard, spreading your message 24/7. 

  12. Lorry


    Many hours the average lorry spends on the road is how many people see that vehicle. A full lorry wrap will also help to protect your lorry’s paintwork from minor stone chips and abrasions caused by everyday wear and tear from stone chips.

  13. Food Truck

    Food Truck

    Draw in your customers with a commanding food truck designed by the industry's best. Rather than cover the entire vehicle, some food truck operators choose to apply a partial wrap.

  14. Bus


    Bus signage (wrapped bus) is often sold by bus companies to third parties to advertise their company or services. This is a popular investment for local businesses to grab customer attention on their brandings!

  15. Label Sticker

    Label Sticker

    • Apply for: Barcode, logo sticker, event sticker, disinfectant products’ sticker etc.
    • Applicable to different shape and size
    • Kiss Cut as per label cutting or composing cutting by page
  16. Roll Up Banner Aluminium

    Roll Up Banner Aluminium

    • Price
    • Durable
    • Commonly used: different types of exhibitions, short-term roadshow or sales promotion.
    • Aluminium hardware, 4 sizes available.
    • More durable then budget series.
    • Lightweight and easy to install
  17. Transparent PET Roll Up Banner

    Transparent PET Roll Up Banner

    • Price
    • Durable
    • Uses as a partition to block liquid droplets
    • Easy to install and carry
    • Transparent and no need to print
  18. Roll Up Banner Premium

    Roll Up Banner Premium

    • Price
    • Durable
    •  Commonly used: long term promotion, roadshow, exhibition and sales promotion
    •  Aluminium hardware
    •  1 year hardware repair warranty
  19. Outdoor Banner

    Outdoor Banner

    • Price
    • Durable
    • Suitable for: Election, school, stage backdrop, large-scale billboard, shopping mall hanging banner, promotion banner, birthday party, & construction site fence etc.
    • Wrinkle-free, tough
    • Durable
  20. Foamboard


    • Price
    • Durable
    • Commonly used in: all kinds of promotion, especial for anti-epidemic measures tools, such as temperature measurement, disinfection notice standee
    • Indoor / outdoor can be used
    • Die-cut
    • Light and easy to carry
        • PP Hollow

          PP Hollow

          • Price
          • Durable
          • Commonly used in: Signboard, Display Board
          • Sturdy and durable
          • Light and hard
          • Water Resistant and UV Resistant
        • PVC Board

          PVC Board

          • Price
          • Durable
          • Commonly used in: Signboard for Shops, Shopping Mall Display Board
          • Sturdy and durable
          • Smooth surface with tough material
          • 1mm / 3mm / 5mm thickness
        • Selfie Frame Props

          Selfie Frame Props

          • Commonly used in: Wedding, Parties and Different types of activities
          • Die-cut
          • Light and easy to carry
        • MasterCast White Sticker

          MasterCast White Sticker

            • Apply for: Shopping malls, elevators, retail stores, including glass and table surface
            • Reminder for Prevention of coronavirus: such as notices / posters / disinfection notifications / tips for wearing masks
            • Water and UV resistant, tough and durable
            • Removable; No layer of residue; No additional cleaning
          • MasterCast Floor Stickers

            MasterCast Floor Stickers

              • Apply for: Corridor, shopping malls, lobbies, cinemas, supermarkets and so on
              • Floor slip resistance, safe and reliable
              • Water and UV resistant
              • Reinforcing existing promotion campaign, great space savers
          • MasterCast Clear Stickers

            MasterCast Clear Stickers

            • Apply for: Window display and glass
            • Transparent effect
            • Available in normal and reverse image printing
            • No layer of residue
          • MasterCast Frosted Stickers

            MasterCast Frosted Stickers

            • Apply for: Office decoration and glass door
            • High privacy
            • Semi-transparent, frosted effect
            • No layer of residue
          • MasterCast™ Hi-Tac Stickers

            MasterCast™ Hi-Tac Stickers

            • Suitable for: Rough, curved or irregular surfaces, such as stone wall, wardrobe, building exterior, bus seat cover, elevator etc.
            • Vibrant and long lasting color
            • Strong adhesion, good contact with target medium
          • Outdoor Poster

            Outdoor Poster

            • Price
            • Durable
            • Apply for: Indoor advertising promotion
            • High toughness and durable
            • Curl Resistant and  not easy to tear off
            • Free lamination(Matt or Gloss)
          • Indoor Poster

            Indoor Poster

            • Price
            • Durable
            • Apply for: advertising promotion indoor and outdoor
            • Cost effective
            • Sharp color
          • Portable Tripod + Foamboard

            Portable Tripod + Foamboard

            • Apply for: Store promotion, restaurants, school activities and so on
            • Telescopic design
            • Easy to storage
            • Equipped with a small clip
          • Promotional Table

            Promotional Table

            •  Apply for: Supermarket food promotion, street promotion (credit card, broadband Internet service) and so on
            •  Tough and durable
            •  Easy to assemble
            •  Free lamination (Gloss or Matt)
          • Foldable Table

            Foldable Table

            • Apply for: Any promotion including: street promotion, booth, short-term exhibition and so on
            • Easy to install and dismantle
            • Foldable design
            • Lightweight and durable
          • Fabric Pop Up Display

            Fabric Pop Up Display

            • Apply for: Exhibition, shopping malls, backdrops, birthday party, wedding backdrop etc.
            • Large-scale digital printing with no-joining
            • Self-Installation
            • Reusable
          • Pop Up Display

            Pop Up Display

            • Apply for: Exhibition, shopping malls, backdrops, birthday party, wedding backdrop etc.
            • Available in Vertical / Curved
            • Quick installation
            • Free combination and durable