About BannerSHOP

About BannerSHOP

Founded in 2006, BannerSHOP has expanded into an organization with over a hundred of employees across Malaysia, Hong Kong & Australia. We care about our customer needs and providing professional and efficient digital printing, exhibition decoration, installation and graphic design services to the market. All these are benefits to our customers and we successfully became the market leader in digital printing industry.


Good quality, Reasonable price

BannerSHOP committed with our business promises, which allow us to establish a trust and good partnership with valuable customers. BannerSHOP, as a Malaysia-based SME, are always trying our best to support the local industry development. We adhere to setup our production workshop in Kuala Lumpur, introduce 24-hour operation to ensure most efficient production lead time, which are benefit to customers towards win-win situation. We are constantly acquiring new and advanced inkjet machines and computer systems, offering continuous staff in-service training, aims to ensure our customers to receive quality products and services in reasonable pricing.


Keep up “Start Up” spirit

In this ever-changing society, in addition to continuously improving the quality of our products and services, we must be brave enough to try and introduce diversified and tailor-made products, to keep up our “Start Up” spirit and that’s the key to success. We truly care our customers and the deliverance of complete satisfaction every time. Our printing operations in Kuala Lumpur are running 24 hours per day and 7 days a week, our team works around the clock to ensure the most efficient production plus turnaround times.

We have market recognized professional workforce, such as professional color analysts, professional designers, machine technicians, product controllers, professional mounting technicians and customer service executives to bring your ideas into reality. 


Fun, Passion, Teamwork

BannerSHOP is a "People Oriented" organization. Our employees are our most valuable asset and their contributions are critical to our success. We create an environment where our employees will be happier and more productive. We aim to invest in our employees and provide rewarding career paths so as to develop a diverse and industry-leading team.

We value teamwork and an open culture, and we encourage our employees to engage and communicate with one another through interdepartmental activities, to share your ideas which fuel the company success.


Further Development and Creative Transformation

As a leader of printing industry, BannerSHOP will go along with the latest trends and evolve from traditional business mode to systematic management. Creative Transformation captures what we do in the future and how we do it. In addition to self-service orders on website, BannerSHOP take the advantages of branch network aims to enhance logistic efficiency. We will continue to setup more branches in different districts to achieve the 'There must be a BannerSHOP next to you.' concept. Meanwhile, BannerSHOP have developed corporate services department, specifically to serve corporate clients. With the success of BannerSHOP business model in Malaysia. We will further promote to overseas' market and strive for more business achievements.


Our Clients

We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients. Here are some samples of our clients: