T-Stand Banner & Poster

2ft x 5ft

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T-Stand have a wide range of uses. Because of their affordability, they are ideal for short term business promotions, shop promotions, events, exhibitions and trade shows that will not require the use of the T-Stand for an extended period of time. They are also ideal if you will need the banner design to change periodically, as the poster can be reprinted and attached to the same frame to save both the environment and your money.

T-Stand Banner & Poster - Product Information:

  • - Affordable and durable aluminium stand
  • - Lightweight and easy to install and transport
  • - Well-suited for displaying posters and gives freedom to adjust the angle.
  • - High-quality printing to ensure your design is vibrant and has a high enough resolution to captivate the attention of your guests
  • - The stand height of the stand is 1400mm