Color Specification
  • All artwork must set to CMYK mode.
  • If the artwork is set in inappropriate color mode, we will convert to CMYK mode without prior notice and charge the transfer fee, the customer shall assume the risk of color difference.
  • We do not accept RGB and Pantone color.

File Format
  • Appropriate format and application:
    • Flattened Adobe Photoshop(CS6)
    • Adobe PDF &
    • Adobe Illustrator (CS6) (only for Die-cut & Kiss Cut file)
  • File Format:
    • PDF (We do not accept multiple pages of PDF file)
    • JPEG
    • AI (Only for Die-cut & Kiss Cut file)

File proportion
  • Artwork should be created in actual size (1:1 scale).
  • If beyond the software limitation, the scale mode of artwork must still fulfill the finish proportion.

Text Format
  • All texts must be outlined to avoid the finished product does not match the artwork because there are a wide range of the fonts.

Upload Method & File Capacity
  • Email:maximum file size is 10MB per artwork.
  • Dropbox:maximum file size is 50MB per artwork.
  • Online / Website:maximum file size is 500MB per artwork.

Output file format (for specific product)
  • Please refer to the artwork specification for specific products at website.

  • File Format:Adobe Illustrator (CS6) with individual die-cut layer is acceptable.
  • Attention:The die-cut line must be 1pt as a basic and die-cut should be simple, please do not apply too many dot and line.

  • CMYK coloring should not be under 10%.
  • Because of printing limitation, pastel color and spot color cannot stimulate or reproduce well.
  • Please set the following CMYK value in black area:
    (C:30%, M:30%, Y:30%, K:100%)。

  • The size will have 2mm or 0.5% deviation due to the computer die-cut automatically for all the artworks.

If all the files do not comply with the above format, the customer must bear the risk of the color and the image difference. BannerSHOP will not be responsible for and will not re-print the goods or refund.