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Fabric & Flags

Fabric can be made to kinds of product! For example: Wind Flags, Pillow, Cushion, Curtain, Car Curtain, Picnic Cloth, Apron, Gloves, and Partition etc. Fabric can be used on business aspect & brand promotion not only for home used nowadays.
BannerSHOP's fabrics are durable, heavy duty, water-repellent and easy to use.

  1. Fabric Voile

    Fabric Voile

    • Apply for: Room divider, Brand promotion
    • Extremely lightweight and thin
    • Single-sided printing double-sided effect
    • Elastic and transparent
  2. Fabric Pongee

    Fabric Pongee

    • Apply for: Flags or Window decoration
    • Lightweight and smooth
    • Semi-transparent material
  3. RM115 Malaysia L-Flag

    RM115 Malaysia L-Flag

    • Apply for: Exhibition, promotion, open day, group activity
    • Light and strong
    • Handy and mobile
    • Single-sided printing with double-sided effect as a mirrored image (reverse image) with approximately 85-95% bleed through
  4. Reskin - Wind Flags

    Reskin - Wind Flags

    • Apply for: L Flag banner, Bow banner, Teardrop banner
    • Flag cloth can be replaced depends on different promotion
    • Sharp color printing
  5. Fabric Displaytex™

    Fabric Displaytex™

    • Apply for: Matrix Frame, Fabric-Pop-Up, point of sales (eg. poster, banner etc)
    • Pass Fire Retardant (FR) B1 M1 Standard
    • Larger width and lenght than other Fabric
    • (New Feature) B1 FR standards (low flammability, fire retardant)
  6. Air Dancer Tube

    Air Dancer Tube

    • Apply for: Exhibition, promotion, open day, group activity
    • Great impact for outdoor use
    • Print changeable
    • Overall height estimate 4.8m
  7. Canopy Tent (3X3)

    Canopy Tent (3X3)

    • Strong, solid and stable
    • Heavy duty hardware frame.
    • Wind and UV-resistant
    • Coverage area shades up to five people comfortably
  8. Reskin - Canopy Tent

    Reskin - Canopy Tent

    • Apply for: Replacement for the fabric display wall
    • Waratah fabric (200 gsm) with matt finish
    • Washable, ironable, minimum stretch and creasing
    • No-joining
  9. Reskin - Tension Fabric Wall

    Reskin - Tension Fabric Wall

    Reskin - Fabric Display Wall - Product Information:

    • ‧ Suitable for: Replacement for the fabric display wall prints
    • ‧ Printing with sharp color
  10. A Frame Outdoor Banner

    A Frame Outdoor Banner

    • ‧ Available in two sizes for single or double sided display
    • ‧ Attract passing passanger with a larga attractive outdoor banner
    • ‧ A Frame Outdoor Banner build with light-weight aluminium hardware, easy and quick to set-up
    • Contains canvas carrying bag. Easy to travel around with you anyway.