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Tension Fabric Wall & Display Stand - Product Information:

  • Suitable for: Booth indoor and outdoor, such as exhibition, roadshow, shopping malls promotion, backdrop, birthday party or wedding backdrop etc.
  • Large-scale digital printing with a wide range promotional content
  • Matt fabric, washable, ironable and no-joining
  • Printed on Fabric, a heavy duty fabric with Matt finish, durable, minimum stretch and creasing
  • Easy-to-assemble without any tools
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Available in 2 sizes: 2300(W) X 2300(H) mm / 3000(W) X 2300(H) mm (options on single / double-sided printing)
  • Package included: Carry bag + Frame + Print
  • Upgrade options:
    > Spotlight with tension fabric panels ensures a smooth image is displayed
    > Select from single or double sided display to attract attention from both directions

Artwork Specifications


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Product Size/Model Download
Fabric Display Wall 2300X2300mm Single/Double
Fabric Display Wall 3000X2300mm Single/Double

FAQs About Tension Fabric Wall & Display Stand

  1. What does 2300(W) X 2300(H) mm / 3000(W) X 2300(H) mm signify for Tansion Fabric Wall?

    The above sizes are the most suitable for exhibition space.

  2. How long does it take to install the Tansion Fabric backdrop and Display Stand?

    The installation method of tension fabric display is very simple and quick.

    For more information, please refer to the installation tutorial.

  3. Is the Tension Fabric Wall display stand suitable for outdoor use?

    The Tension Fabric Wall display is suitable for outdoor use because of its lightweight.

    It should be avoided in the rain or when the wind place to use.

  4. Is it possible to reprint or modify the fabric of the Tension Wall?

    Certainly. Customers who order a full set of tension fabric display (including frame + fabric) can enjoy below services:

    reprint or replace the whole fabric for single or both sides with additional cost.

  5. What file types do you accept for tension fabric wall and display stand design?
    You can use PDF / AI / JPG for tension fabric wall and display stand design files.

  6. How can I make an online order for the custom tension fabric wall and display stand?
    All you need to do is follow the instructions on the page to select the desired size and print surface. Tansion Fabric Wall lead time is 10 working days.

  7. Will other accessories be included with Tension Fabric Wall order?

    Package included: Carry bag + Frame + Print

Please feel free to contact us 03-9282 0888 if you have any questions