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Get a Business Opportunity with Sticker!
BannerSHOP offers a variety of stickers printing service, including UV White Ink Sticker, DIY Sticker, Outdoor Removable Sticker, Label Sticker...which is a widely used promotion tool.
The color of sticker is sharp and delicate; it has water-resistant function which is the best product for promotion.
We offer LOGO sticker, promotion sticker, event sticker; outdoor removable sticker, DIY Sticker, Frosted Sticker and Floor stickers, these stickers are flexible, easy to use and space-efficient.

  1. Computer die-cut

    Computer die-cut

    • Suitable for: sign, lightbox, window decoration, car wrap advertising
    • Highly durable
    • Customizable sizes and shapes 
  2. MasterCast™ Hi-Tac Stickers

    MasterCast™ Hi-Tac Stickers

    • Suitable for: Rough, curved or irregular surfaces, such as stone wall, wardrobe, building exterior, bus seat cover, elevator etc.
    • Vibrant and long lasting color
    • Strong adhesion, good contact with target medium
  3. UV White Ink Sticker

    UV White Ink Sticker

    • Apply for: Glass or Window decoration, Car Body, & Acrylic Products
    • Transparent & Frosted Sticker is applicable to print with white ink
    • Its color is bright & strong contrast
    • Waterproof
  4. MasterCast White Sticker

    MasterCast White Sticker

      • Apply for: Shopping malls, elevators, retail stores, including glass and table surface
      • Reminder for Prevention of coronavirus: such as notices / posters / disinfection notifications / tips for wearing masks
      • Water and UV resistant, tough and durable
      • Removable; No layer of residue; No additional cleaning
    • Label Sticker

      Label Sticker

      • Apply for: Barcode, logo sticker, event sticker, disinfectant products’ sticker etc.
      • Applicable to different shape and size
      • Kiss Cut as per label cutting or composing cutting by page
    • Indoor PP Sticker

      Indoor PP Sticker

      • Apply for: Indoor use, one-off sticker, such as Hoarding
      • Cost-effective
      • Non-removable
      • Free lamination (Gloss or Matt)
    • MasterCast Adhesive Front Stickers

      MasterCast Adhesive Front Stickers

      • Apply for: Indoor use, used for display in glass or site decoration
      • Reversed image printed on white sticker
      • Single-sided
    • MasterCast Clear Stickers

      MasterCast Clear Stickers

      • Apply for: Window display and glass
      • Transparent effect
      • Available in normal and reverse image printing
      • No layer of residue
    • MasterCast Frosted Stickers

      MasterCast Frosted Stickers

      • Apply for: Office decoration and glass door
      • High privacy
      • Semi-transparent, frosted effect
      • No layer of residue
    • MasterCast One Way Vision

      MasterCast One Way Vision

      • Apply for: Window display, vehicle windows
      • High transparency
      • Micro-holes on surface
      • Water and UV Resistance, scratch proof
    • MasterCast Floor Stickers

      MasterCast Floor Stickers

        • Apply for: Corridor, shopping malls, lobbies, cinemas, supermarkets and so on
        • Floor slip resistance, safe and reliable
        • Water and UV resistant
        • Reinforcing existing promotion campaign, great space savers
    • Magnetic Sheet

      Magnetic Sheet

      • Apply for: Car wrapping, bookmarks, almanac, spelling tools, insurance industry performance board and so on
      • Personalize yours magnetic sheet
      • Placed to iron or steel surface for promotion
      • Applicable to different shape

    Improve Your Product Sale with Sticker Printing Services with Bannershop In Malaysia

    Sticker printing in Malaysia is an essential aspect of promoting and selling products. Stickers not only showcase the information and quality of the product but also serve as an effective tool in attracting potential customers.

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    Companies can differentiate their products from their competitors by printing high-quality stickers that display essential information such as the product's name, features, and benefits.

    Bannershop, a well-designed and printed sticker from a trusted sticker printing company in Malaysia can make a product stand out on store shelves and attract customers' attention, helping to increase sales and brand awareness.

    In addition to providing product information, stickers can also play a critical role in creating a solid brand identity.

    Customize and Print Your Digital Sticker Design at An Affordable Price

    Customizing your sticker design is an excellent way to make your products stand out and attract more customers. Everyone likes a product with character, and a digital sticker design can easily meet this requirement.

    With the option to personalize your stickers, you can tailor the design to your specific needs and preferences.

    It allows you to incorporate your brand's unique features and message, creating a cohesive and memorable image for your customers.

    Whether you want to add your company logo, product information, or a specific message, the possibilities are endless with a customized sticker design and print.

    Bannershop offers a comprehensive and affordable digital printing sticker package that allows you to customize your design.

    With our years of experience, we will work with you to create a design that meets your requirements and reflects your brand's personality. You can get high-quality stickers at a price that fits your budget.

    Improve Your Company's Product Sticker Printing with Bannershop

    At Bannershop, quality is one of the utmost importance. We understand the role stickers play in promoting and selling products, and as such, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible printing services.

    Whether you need stickers for your products, packaging, or promotional materials, you can count on Bannershop to provide you with the best possible outcome.

    In addition to providing quality, stickers are crucial in increasing sales and building customers’ trust. By using stickers to showcase the information and quality of your products, you can attract potential customers and differentiate your products from those of your competitors.

    Custom Made and Print Your Sticker Design Online Today at BannerSHOP Malaysia

    If you're looking for an effortless and speedy solution to get your stickers printed and customized, look no further than Bannershop. Our online ordering system is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing you to personalize and print your stickers in mere clicks.

    Moreover, Bannershop’s custom sticker service is available online and in-store, allowing you to access high-quality design and printing services conveniently.

    Here are some of the common sticker printing services you can find at Bannershop Malaysia:

    1. Computer Die Cut

    2. Label Sticker

    3. White Sticker

    4. Adhesive Front Sticker

    5. Clear Sticker

    6. Frosted Sticker

    7. Lightbox Premium Sticker

    Bannershop, a vast selection of designs and options is available as well to allow you to find the perfect sticker to suit your needs.

    Order confidently, knowing that our experience and glowing reviews from satisfied customers have made us the premier destination for all your custom sticker needs. Visit the Bannershop website today or contact us at 03-92820888 for more info!